BEST VLOG CAMERA (Canon Vixia Mini)

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Today Lonnie talks about what, in his opinion, is the BEST video camera for vlogging on YouTube!

I've been using the Canon Vixia Mini for around 8 months now for both my Lonnie and LonnieDos channels, and it's great! I love it so much that I bought a second one for Darian to use to vlog as well. We also plan to use it for videos that require 2 cameras, but yeah. :P

Hope this little mini review type thing helped some of you guys that may be looking for a vlog camera. Like I said in the video, the Canon Vixia Mini X is the newer version of the Canon Vixia Mini, but honestly, I'd just go for the standard mini.

Also, this was not a part of any type of promotion from Canon. I know they did something with a few other YouTubers when they first launched the camera. I am not one of those people. These are just my honest thoughts!

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Thanks for watching! :)

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