DBMK - The Abyss: Live at The 97x BBQ 2015

"The Abyss" is the title track taken from Denim Blue & Miclain Keith's debut album. Find it here:

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Everybody’s talking
Ain’t nobody stopping
Keeping it together
Keeping it whatever
Maybe I’ll slip
Into your bliss
If you can promise me
That you can keep your wrists- clean
I don’t mind, to find the time
But still I question if I’m the one living my life

My shallow mind and open eyes
Keep me from this light disguised as part of me that doesn't exist
Break the chains that keep me bound
Even if I wear this half ton crown of darkness
The darkness of The Abyss

Climbing to the top
Is never good enough
Keeping to my self
Because I lack the trust
This world that we live in
Has never been forgiving
Were part of a kingdom
So just let that sink in
Loose my mind, I say goodbye
To the way that I used to live my life

I’m trapped, bound by these chains

She said you're just a boy, who can make a few words rhyme
So good at wasting time, I know you’d do
Anything for flashing lights and fancy cars
Anything, almost anything

I don’t know how we came of all of this
I can’t see past the darkness of The Abyss

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