Max and Iago, Gay Love with happy ending ... :)

Tribute for one of the best gay love stories with great happy ending. This video is made for fans of gay stories and educational messages for everybody in the subject of gay relationships. This video is made to open eyes of masses who are still not awaken to the facts that gay people exist since the beginning of time, it is part of nature, which could be verified through the history. It is part of sou's journey, it may seem difference to the general acceptance but it is normal to be gay and discrimination on all sorts should be abolished.

Love and let love live ...

Thanks to youtubers for their video and translation and the copyright owner of the series. No copyright violation intended, it is used for spreading the message of love. Please contact should you object to the videos usage.

Enjoy and spread the message of love, grow love to be unconditional and it starts with you and me. Make love the principles of our lives and what governs our lives on this planet.

Blessings of love to you all.

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