Max gay story 57 12th gay kiss 2d bed scene ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1437

Max have a nightmare and Enric insomnia because a stomachache. What a night! :)
David (almost a brother for Max)is at the hospital with serious injuries.
Translations courtesy of pinkcashemere and iluvShaneKippel. Thank you both!
Enric: What happened?
Max: I had a dream. What's wrong? did I wake you up? You can't sleep?
Enric: I have eaten too much
Max: Aren't you feeling well?
Enric: I have a little stomach ache. You are soaked!
Max: I dreamed that I wanted to run but... and I tried and no matter how much I tried I couldn't move at all
Enric: I see
Max: It saw David at the end of a very long corridor and he was calling me asking for help, and I wanted to run but my legs did not follow commands
Enric: Calm down, it is only a dream.
Max: It has been frightful
Enric: Tomorrow you will not even remember
Max: Everything was so real
Enric: That is the olives that you had for dinner
Max: Don't say stupid things
Enric: What's up? My grandfather never has olives before going to sleep; says that they give him nightmares
Max: And do you believe this?
Enric: Come on, better go to sleep or tomorrow you will not hold
Max: Yes, and you also eh?
Enric: Come on, good night
Max: What are you doing?
Enric: I am going to drink water
Max: Don't take so long

Max: What? Do you still have stomach ache?
Enric: Yes, this tablet is for the heartburn
Max: It's better that you do not say anything to Beni, otherwise he will go the entire week saying how sorry he is.
Enric: I shouldn't eat that much .You cannot sleep?
Max: I was waiting for you.
Enric: I'll come, now I'm wide awake
Max: No, I wasn't talking about sleeping... Shit! What a nasty taste!
Enric: It is the tablet
Max: They should have done it with mint.
Enric: Eeeeek the mint makes me vomit
Max: Then with beer
Enric: Yes, then they would sold them out of the pharmacy too fast.
Max: Come, go and brush your teeth and then come to bed
Enric: I'm beaten
Max: Poor baby!
Enric: I am going to wash my teeth
Max: No, this way is more exciting
Ring tone
Enric: What, you don't answer?
Max: This is not the time for calling
Enric: What if it's important?
Max: Mmmm there must be somebody that wants to annoy us in the middle of the night
Enric What if it's Beni, Max?
Max: Damn it! Yes? Peris? No way! Where are you?

Doctor: He has 4 fractured ribs that can affect his lungs and cerebral commotion. We ran tests on him the entire day but because of the multiple contusions his spleen has been injured
Peris: But, will he be fine?
Doctor: We're still testing him and we cannot make a definitive diagnosis.
Peris: Listen, I want to know how he is!
Doctor: His son is in a very serious condition Mr. Peris
Max: Will they take out the spleen?
Doctor: It's probably the thing to do.
Max: But is there haemorrhage?
Doctor: We think so but as I said before we are still doing analysis on him
Peris: Who are those sons of bitches that did this to my son?
Doctor: They brought him to the emergency room, we've been told by the owner of the bar that there was a fight.
Peris: Who has done this to him should go to the jail
Doctor: According to the police he was the one that initiated the fight
Angela: Peris, that does not matter now
Peris: If he started it must be because the others provoked him
Doctor: Your wife is right: now the most important thing is to do...
Peris: I want to know what happened!
Angela: Peris
Doctor: According to the testimonies your son wanted to be beaten. Are you aware of any serious problem or signs of depression?
Angela: He's not going through a happy phase right now.
Doctor: This would explain what he did
Angela: Can we see him?
Doctor: He is unconscious but you can enter for a little while
Angela: Peris, Peris Do you want to come?

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