STRUGGLE - Gay Themed

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Here is a complete edit of my film "Struggle". A young gay lad, Darren, heads off to the big city to find his fortune. As always, in stories like this, he finds a whole lot of nothin' but hurt. Soon broke, he throws his lot in with a hapless band of rent boys led by an even more hapless Chance. Darren quickly falls for the handsome Steve, the boyfriend of the very tragic Alex. Well, this only leads to one end, and Darren quickly finds all his dreams for a happy future lost on the cold streets of a very unfriendly city.

Gay, Teen, Rent Boy, Prostitute, Homosexual, Toronto, Church Street, Pride, Queer, LGBT, Zelda's Restaurant, MDMA, Tina, Drag Queen, Sapphire, Subway, Matt Sims, Jamie Potts, J Farro, Peter Buzny, Terri Stevens, Cawthra Park, Molly's Wood, Alexander Street, Maitland Avenue, This Special Friendship, Beautiful Thing, Starcrossed

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