Lonnie plays Survival Games - Mine Mini Game With Minecraft Skin Exporter (PC Edition) & Multiplayer (longest title ever) - Part 1 (iPhone Gameplay Video)

This is part 1 of my video game commentary playthrough / walkthrough series of "Let's play Survival Games - Mine Mini Game" for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and any other iOS devices.

In this episode, I literally fail to do anything.

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More info about the Survival Games - Mine Mini Game game app:
***Welcome to "Survival Island" ***
As you expected, the first hunger game on iOS is here!Developed by the publisher of "Cops N Robbers - Mine Mini Game".
# We bring you the most addictive gameplay & challenge & survival & comfortable control & Complete game features... 
# Most importantly, we provide a stable server & Optimized @Worldwide Multiplayer Mode@!!!
# Huge map - "Survival Island": Mountain, Forest, Sea, Arena...
# High quality graphics: Light setting in scene & Pixel scene modeling & Character modeling... 
# Sound effect: different place with different sound effect. 
# UI Setting: comfortable control & comfortable visual effects. 
# Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support & Local Multiplayer support(coming soon) . 
# Props: food, bow, stone sword, wood sword... (And more weapons will coming in update)
# Rich&Funny Character animations. 
# "Survival Rules": Survival & Fight to the last minute!!!
***Worldwide Multiplayer*** 
# 5 server regions setting: GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose the nearby&best region to start game. 
# Room create: set room name & nick name & round time & max players, then create your room! 
# Room search: search by keywords.
# Max players support: 10 players.
# Round time setting: 15-60 minutes. 
# Chat system: chat with other players(you can choose close or open chat panel) 
***How to play: rules*** 
1. There's an island in game.When game starting, sprint to the chest.You may get food or weapons there!
2. Search and attack: After start, you will keep fighting and find chest in the island (eat food & get weapons).
3. Hunger value: if your hunger value is low, your attack power and hp recovery power will be low!
4. If at the last 5 minutes, there are still more than 2 persons, these men will be transferred to the Arena!That's the last battle field!!!
5. Winner reward: you will get some coins reward!
*** Support & Feedback *** 
Mail: ***********************
Twitter: ***********************
Facebook: ***********************
This is not an official Mojang app. JoyDo Entertainment is not associated or connected with Mojang AB. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.
( Description via iTunes store / )

Thanks for watching my "Survival Games - Mine Mini Game - Part 1" iPhone gameplay video! ^_^

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